Suchá Belá Gorge

Start of the route: Podlesok             Difficulty: Moderately Strenuous-Long length, substantial elevation gain, and/or difficult terrain     Ascent: 2 hours          Descent: 1.5 hours

Suchá Belá Gorge is the most visited gorge in the Slovak Paradise. The green marked hiking trail through the gorge starts right at the Podlesok Tourist Information Centre near the Rumanka restaurant. Crossing the gorge is recommended for at least little experienced and well-equipped tourists, as there are several challenging sections. The gorge is formed by a system of waterfalls, which are passable using technical equipment – steps and ladders. Perhaps the most demanding but also the most beautiful section of the gorge is the system of 40 meters high Mis waterfalls. The gorge, which is about 3.5 kilometers long, has an elevation gain of 409 meters.

From the end of the gorge, during the summer season, it is possible to rent a bicycle to descend the paved road back to Podlesok. It is also possible to continue along the top of Glac with a blue, later a red sign to Geravy, or a yellow and red sign to Kláštorisko.




Zejmarská roklina = Zejmar gorge

Start of the route: Podlesok        Difficulty: Easy        Ascent: 1 hour     Descent: 1 hour   Show on map 

The shortest and least demanding gorge of the Slovak Paradise and at the same time the only one on the southern side of the National Park. The blue-marked footpath starts in Bielych Vodach and you can complete the gorge in less than an hour in good weather. Crossing the Zejmar gorge is also suitable for not very experienced tourists or families with children.

Kláštorná roklina = Monastery gorge

Start of the route: Podlesok, Prielom Hornádu         Difficulty: easy        Ascent: 2 hours         Descent: 1.5 hours
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The monastery gorge hidden deeper in the bowels of the Slovak Paradise is a shorter and less demanding alternative to Suchá Belá or other “big” gorges. At the same time, its picturesqueness and richness of waterfalls will match them. You can reach it via Prielom Hornádu from Podlesok, or from Letanovský mlyn. The path through the gorge is marked in green and opens into the “epicenter” of the
Slovak Paradise, right in Kláštorisko = Monastery.

Roklina Piecky = Gorge Piecky

Start of the route: Hrabušice – Píla            Difficulty: medium           Ascent: 2 hours               Descent: 1.5 hours
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If you do not feel like a meeting crowds of people in Suchá Belá in the middle of summer, go a little further from Podlesok to the settlement Hrabušice – Píla, from where the picturesque gorge Piecky leads. The yellow-marked route will take you through an almost untouched environment with many waterfalls and cascades.

Veľký Sokol Gorge

Start of the route: Hrabušice – Píla           Difficulty: difficult            Ascent: 2.5 hours            Descent: 2.5 hours

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The longest, one of the most beautiful and at the same time perhaps the least visited – these attributes belong to the gorge Veľký Sokol. One of the most demanding gorges for physical fitness. The reward for courage and effort will be almost immaculate nature and adrenaline on ladders and footbridges above waterfalls. You can get to the gorge from the tourist center Hrabušice – Píla and a yellow marked one-way tourist trail leads through it.

Sokolia dolina = Sokolia valley

Start of the route: Čingov                   Difficulty: difficult              Ascent: 3.5 hours              Descent: 3.5 hours

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If you are among the lovers of adrenaline, definitely do not miss the gorge Sokolia dolina, which is often referred to as the wildest gorge of the Slovak Paradise. During its passage, your challenge will be to subdue a number of ladders and bridges and the highest waterfall in the Slovak Paradise – the 70-meter Veil Waterfall. The best way to get to the gorge is from the Čingov resort, around the Hornád river and then along the valley of Biely potok (direction Kyseľ, and further).

Roklina Kyseľ = Gorge Kyseľ

Start of the route: Kláštorisko            Difficulty: easy           Route: 1 hour            

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The gorge Kyseľ  consists of three branches. The main branch is the well-known Ferrata of the Mountain Rescue Service, which is followed by two more – Veľký a Malý Kyseľ. These can be crossed without the need for a ferrata set. They are among the less demanding, but equally nice and photogenic routes. You can reach them from the Kláštorisko in less than half an hour. Machový waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in Malý Kyseľ, in Veľký Kyseľ you will definitely be thrilled by the Waterfall Vodopád ochrancov prírody or Waterfall Vodopád v bariére.


Start of the route: Kláštorisko       Difficulty: medium      Route: 1 hour

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This Ferrata is charged, one-day entrance fee is 5 € (after applying the regional discount it is
2.50 €). The Kyseľ gorge, considered one of the most beautiful in the Slovak Paradise, was closed for 40 years after a massive fire that destroyed a large part of the forest. In 2016, it was made accessible by a secured road – the Ferrata Mountain Rescue Service, which is visited by ten thousand visitors every year. Ferrata HZS (Mountain Rescue Service) built in the gorge Kyseľ, resp. in its main part is about 1.5 km long. The route leads through the real wilderness and represents a demonstration ofthe best of the Slovak Paradise. Narrow rocky gorges, a wild mountain stream, high cliffs, beautiful waterfalls and virgin forests, all spiced with a dose of adrenaline, promises an experience that will not be forgotten. It starts at the crossroads Kyseľ – delta, which can be reached by followingthe yellow sign from Kláštorisko or the blue sign from Čingov. The one-way ferrata is open from 15 June to 31 October.

Mandatory equipment when visiting the ferrata is a ferrata set (link to the possibility to borrow a ferrata on its website). Ferrata can be visited either individually or it is possible to order an accompaniment with an expert explanation at the Slovak Paradise National Park Administration.

Kláštorisko  (760 m n. m.) = Monastery (760 m above sea level)

In the middle of the system of canyons, gorges, caves and springs is the ruin of a monastery from the early 14th century. In the 13th century, this place saved the inhabitants of the surrounding towns and settlements from the Tartar hordes. The charter of the monastery on “Skala”. The monastery is open to the public since 1983.

Every year at the end of August, indulgence festivities are held in the monastery. There are many hiking trails from Podlesok through the gorges of Suchá BeláKyseľPrielom Hornádu,  from Čingov, but it can be reached from practically every part of the Slovak Paradise.

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Tomašovský výhľad  (667 m n. m.) = Tomašov Viewpoint (667 m above sea level)

 There is a terraced rock outcrop in the Slovak Paradise on the southern slope of Ludmanka. There is a nice view of the valley Biely potok, Prielom Hornádu and the High Tatras. Easy ascent from Spišské Tomášovce, Čingov or Letanovský mlyn. It is also used as a training climbing terrain. This lookout point is worth a visit.

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