Claim policy


Client’s arrival for accommodation: from 2 pm to 5 pm on the first day of stay.  Departure of the client from the accommodation facility: by 10 am on the last day of stay.  Only the number of persons listed in the accommodation voucher can check in. If a higher number of persons than stated in the accommodation voucher arrives, the landlord is not obliged to accommodate these persons.


 Season: May 1st  – September 30th

 Off season: October 1st – April 30th

TOP season: December 22nd – January 1st


It is forbidden to enter the facility with a pet – dog, cat, etc.


BookingS can be made by phone at no. +421 907 289 262, via the website or by e-mail: [email protected]. Minimum stay in the facility is 2 nights.


Confirmation of the reservation will be made by e-mail. To pay for the stay, the customer is due 7 calendar days from the delivery of the email. After paying for the stay, the landlord will issue an invoice to the client. Failure of payment for the stay within the specified due date of 7 days per stay, the reservation automatically expires.


Account number:

IBAN: SK72 3100 0000 0043 9000 8005          


VS /variable symbol/: reservation number of your stay


Payment can be made cashless only after agreement with the landlord, at the latest when the client arrives to the accommodation.


Accommodation in the facility is realized in 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed room with bathroom. The price for accommodation is a fee per room according to its capacity. At the request of the landlord, it is possible for a child under 10 years to equip the booked room with an extra bed. The price for accommodation includes, accommodation fee, bed linen, electricity, water, heating costs and the use of premises and equipment of the accommodation facility. The price includes VAT.

Recreation fee of 0.70 cents person / day. The price does not include – additional services, possible damage to the building, equipment and surroundings of the accommodation facility by the client.


The client has the right to cancel the booked stay, change the length of stay or change the number of accommodated persons under the following conditions at any time.

For cancellation of the order or change in the length of stay or number of persons, the landlord will issue a payment to the client of the following amount, which will be deducted from the paid or agreed price for accommodation:

  • Up to 21 days before arrival without cancellation fee
  • From 20 days to 14 days before arrival 25% of the total price
  • From 13 days to 7 days before arrival 50% of the total price
  • Less than 6 days before arrival 100% of the total price

The total price means the full amount for the stay in the facility agreed upon when booking.


Upon arrival at the accommodation facility, the client is obliged to present proof of identity and, if necessary, to pay the amount for the stay or its difference. The client will receive a room key. The client may not move the interior equipment, make adjustments and any interventions in the electrical network and satellite equipment in the accommodation facility without the consent of the owner. It is not possible to use your own electrical equipment in the accommodation, except for electrical appliances intended for personal hygiene: a shaver, a hair dryer and an electric toothbrush. It is not possible for clients to take sports equipment to the rooms for which another place is reserved. In the period from 10 pm to 6 am, the client is obliged to keep silent hours.


The accommodation facility is responsible for valuables only if the valuables have been taken into custody on the basis of a confirmation. In case of problems upon arrival or during the stay, it is necessary to contact the owner of the accommodation facility. Complaints from 30 days after the end of the accommodation will not be accepted. If the consumer applies the right of liability for mistakes in services, the owner is obliged to decide on the complaint immediately after a professional assessment. If it is not possible to process the complaint immediately or considers it justified, he is obliged to write a record of the complaint with the consumer. The record shall state the exact designation of the service and the time when it was provided, the mentioned mistakes and the request for handling the complaint. The consumer will receive a copy of the record. If this is a complex case, the operator is obliged to decide within 3 working days. Complaint handling may not take longer than 30 days. If the consumer is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, he can apply his right in court.


These operating rules determine the hygienic and epidemiological principles and measures that must be observed in the provision of accommodation services to the population – accommodation.

Business name of the landlord: LABUDA – ASI s.r.o.

Registered residency: Obchodná 52/30, 05315 Hrabušice

ID: 36603970, VAT ID: SK2022146665

Tel. +421(0)907289262

e-mail: [email protected]

Address and name of the establishment: Malý Majer, Hrabušice – Podlesok 1015/69, 053 15, Slovak republic

Type and method of providing accommodation services:

  • The accommodation facility provides short-term accommodation, where the total capacity of fixed beds is 15 + 2 extra beds in 5 rooms.
  • The equipment of the rooms includes a bathroom with toilet and shower, wardrobe, beds, bedside tables with bedside lamps, table with armchairs, TV, SAT and WIFI connection, refrigerator, kettle
  • the water in the accommodation is from a well
  • category of accommodation facility is  3 stars ***

Conditions of premises, principles of safety and health protection of residents and employees of the accommodation facility:

  • Hygienic and anti-epidemic regulations and precautions are followed in the premises. Ľubuša Labudová is responsible for their maintenance, which provides precautions to prevent the emergence and spread of infectious diseases.


The premises must be kept clean and tidy. Employees must pay attention to personal hygiene. They are equipped with personal protective equipment according to the type of activities performed, especially work clothes and work shoes. The premises is equipped with a sufficient amount of cleaning compounds as well as clean laundry. The accommodation facility has a first aid kit in a suitable and accessible place, the equipment of which is constantly being updated.

Method of storage and handling of bed linen and frequency of its change:

  • There is a sufficient amount of clean linen in the facility. Clean linen is used for each guest. When handling the laundry, there cannot be any mutual contact or confusion between clean and used laundry. Damaged and worn laundry will be discarded from use. Clean bed linen is transported in the way its  prevented from contamination.
  • Clean bed linen and accessories are stored in a separate and ventilated room, used linen is stored in a designated room. Laundry is washed in the laundry room. Bed linen is changed once a week, or as needed.

Method and frequency of routine cleaning of the accommodation facility:

All areas of the accommodation are cleaned daily, premises for personal hygiene are washed and disinfected daily. At least once a quarter, or as required, general cleaning associated with window washing shall be provided. Also doors, lamps and dusting of mattresses and blankets.

Area painting is performed at least once every two years.

  • Domestos, Savo, Sanytol and Cif are used to disinfect washable surfaces. When using disinfectants, we follow the enclosed manufacturer’s instructions and adhere to the expiration date of the products.

Disinfection procedure and its frequency in personal hygiene facilities:

  • Premises for personal hygiene  outside the accommodation are washed and disinfected daily. Domestos, Savoi, Sanytol and Cif are used to disinfect personal care equipment.

Procedure for ensuring the destruction of animal pests:

  • In the case of the occurrence of animal pests, deratisation and subsequent liquidation is provided in the accommodation facility in accordance with generally valid legal regulations.

Method of solid waste disposal, frequency of emptying waste containers, their cleaning and disinfection.

  • Municipal solid waste is collected in sealable and washable containers and removed and separated daily. The containers are cleaned and disinfected daily. The removal of MSW is provided by the municipal office.

In Hrabušice 20.6.2018 Responsible manager Ľubuša Labudová