We are a rural residence

This place does not belong to the luxurious ones  …, we want to give our clients the feeling of home and when they sit in front of the house in the evening they can watch the sun set behind the highlands of the High Tatras…

I started my business many years ago… Entrepreneurship has never been a duty for me, but a manifestation of freedom and choice. Today my whole family does business and we do it with passion! Whatever we do, it is our enthusiasm. My wife  and my daughter Lenka like to cook. Both are great cooks and they lovingly take care of our Restaurant Rumanka, right on Podlesok, a few minutes walk from our farm Malý Majer. Hundreds of tourists enjoy their great food every day … No matter how they spend the day, in the Rumanka Restaurant they will always find nice people and delicious homemade food.

As the years go by, we set aside the hectic life and look at things with foresight, through other values. We value the time with my family more and more, we start looking for peace and often we do the hobbies, which before, somehow there was no time for … For example, I started cycling more, flying, later I even bought a plane and built an airport. But it came only after I built the rural residence Malý Majer in the heart of the Slovak Paradise – in Podlesok, surrounded by pastures, natural resources and gorges of the national park. From Malý Majer you have everything at hand and at the same time you will find God’s peace here.

With time, the Little Majer Farmhouse was built, which is a faithful copy of the original mountain lodge from the 19th century. It is built by using the original technology of spruce wood. Here you can see the precise work of carvers. Details carved into wood, old period smithings, linden wood benches. Do you see the difference? The farm is a popular place for evening sitting in a closed company with a view of the panorama of the High Tatras.

Typical food as Džadky – potato gnocchi,  kuľaša – mashed potatoes with bacon, krupica z kukuričnej múky – cornmeal semolina  , domáci kváskovy chlieb – homemade yeast bread, these all are recipes of our old grandmothers, which are slowly being forgotten, and were reminded to me once in a meeting by a well-known ethnologist. In his hand he held a collection of old Spiš recipes, which we will prepare for you at the Malý Majer Farm.

Our bride Zuzka is a passionate lover of horses. You can also come and try horseback riding.

Štefan Labuda, owner of the Malý Majer rural residence