Ako sa zbaliť na túru


Surely you have already heard that there is no bad weather, only a badly dressed person.

Therefore make sure that you really have everything you need packed for a hike in the Slovak Paradise.

Don’t forget to pack a basic first aid kit, sunglasses, a headlamp and a map of the Slovak Paradise. Since your steps are leading to the gorges of the Slovak Paradise, we recommend that you always have a raincoat and a jacket in your backpack. Often even in the middle of summer a cold wind or rain may surprise you. Heavy sweaters and jackets are suitable for the Russian winter, but several lighter layers will suffice for ordinary hiking in the Slovak Paradise. They can be easily combined, do not take up so much space and dry faster. You should also have a cap, which protects against sunburn in summer, and a warm hat in winter.

Wear sturdy hiking boots – ideally waterproof, the gorges of the Slovak Paradise tend to be wet even in summer. Tourists are also looking for a Slovak paradise because of the adrenaline on ladders and ferratas, so take finger gloves for the hike. In the colder months, a thermos for a hot drink is useful, in summer, clean water is best. The hiking backpack should be spacious enough to accommodate not only water and food, but also spare clothes – dry socks, raincoat, jacket, in winter, autumn and early spring also crampons to safely cross ice sections.

The better you prepare for the Slovak Paradise, the more you will enjoy it.


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